A.B.C. Body Lotion 200ml

Soothing and moisturizing body lotion to prevent dryness



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A.B.C. Body Lotion 200 mL

A.B.C. Body Lotion is a non-greasy lotion that can be used daily for all skin types.
It is especially effective in the treatment of sore, dry, and cracked skin, you can also use it after sun exposure, shaving, or waxing and it will help to prevent ingrown hairs.
A.B.C. Lotion contains potent natural ingredients like Tea Tree Oil that have a great antiseptic effect.
And Vitamin B5, E, and Green Tea add moisture, contain antioxidants, and soothe the skin.

Active ingredients:
Tea Tree Oil , Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Green Tea .

•A.B.C. Body Lotion prevents dryness.
• Soothes the skin.
• Body lotion from A.B.C has antiseptic and antibacterial effects.
• Prevents ingrown hairs.

How to use:
• Massage A.B.C lotion gently into skin.

Points of interest:
•A.B.C lotion is Suitable for all skin types.
• Suitable for everyday use.

200 ml.

How To Store:
Store at room temperature.

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