Avalon Salinose Nasal Gel 30 g

A nasal gel that contains sodium chloride solution to relieve congestion and loosen mucus stickiness.


Avalon pharma

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Avalon Salinose Nasal Gel 30 g
Avalon Nasal Gel has a texture that moisturizes the membranes.
It reduces nosebleeds and reduces nasal irritation.
Avalon Nasal Gel reduces the hardness of mucus, making it easier to clean the nose.
It also enhances the moisture of the nasal passages and gives you a pleasant and restful sleep.
The Benefits of Avalon Salinose Nasal Gel 30 g - Makes breathing easier. - Reduces nasal congestion. - Relieves the symptoms of common colds. - Promotes moisture in the nasal membranes.;
How to use Avalon Salinose Nasal Gel 30 g: - Use the gel once or twice daily with a light massage to the nose.

Size: 30 gm. Made in: KSA.