Butler Gum Expanding Floss Waxed 30 m

A waxed dental floss that expands during use to effectively remove plaque and debris from between teeth.


Butler Gum

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Butler Gum Expanding Floss Waxed 30 m 

Butler Gum Expanding Floss Waxed is a dental floss designed to effectively clean between teeth and below the gum line.
The expanding floss is made of a unique material that expands during use to cover a larger area for increased cleaning effectiveness.
Butler Gum Expanding Floss is wax coated to allow it to easily slide between teeth without shredding or breaking.
The expanding floss is a reliable and effective tool to maintain dental hygiene and healthy gums.

- Thin and easy to slide on.
- Expandable.
- Covered with wax.
- Strong and tear resistant.
- 30 meters long.
Butler Gum Expanding Floss Benefits:
- Avoids gum irritation.
- Defends against tooth decay.
- Aids in the prevention of gum disease.
- Possesses effective anti-plaque capabilities.
- Thoroughly clean areas that are difficult to reach.;
How To Use Butler Gum Expanding Floss Waxed:
- Follow the instructions on the Butler Gum Expanding Floss packaging.

- Size:30m
- Made in China