Cetaphil Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar 127 g

An anti-bacterial skin cleansing and soothing bar that deeply cleanses the skin and gets rid of bacteria without drying out the skin.



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Cetaphil Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar 127 g

Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar is designed to care for dry and sensitive skin, ensuring gentle cleansing while effectively eliminating bacteria.
It contains a mixture of ingredients that cleanse and moisturize the skin, maintaining its softness and protecting it from harmful external factors.
Cetaphil soap is made from materials that do not cause allergies and can be used on both the face and body.

Active ingredients:
Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Stearic Acid, Sodium Tallowate, Sodium Cocoate.

Benefits of Cetaphil Bar:
- Deeply cleanses the skin.
- Eliminates bacteria.
- Does not dry out the skin.
- Can be used on the face or body.

How to use:
1- Wet your skin and hands thoroughly with water.
2- Apply the Cetaphil bar and work it into a creamy lather on the skin, Then rinse off the lather with water.

More information:
- Recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin.
- Does not cause clogged pores.
- Keep out of the reach of children.

Made in:

127 g

Store at room temperature