Cyteal Solution 500 mL

An antiseptic foaming solution

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Cyteal Solution - 500 Ml

• Cyteal Solution is an antiseptic foaming solution containing hexamidine and chlorhexidine, and chlorocresol.
• Cyteal Solution is used to clean skin and mucous infections.
• It is indicated for dermatological, gynecological, and surgical cases.


• Can be used pure or diluted.
• Can be used for rinsing or cleansing as well as vaginal douche.
• Antiseptic Foaming Solution.

Active Ingredient:

Hexamidine Diisethionate, Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Chlorocresol.

Points Of Interest:

• The effect of this medication during pregnancy or lactation is not well known.
• The assessment of the possible risk associated with its use is individual: ask your pharmacist or doctor for advice.

How To Use:

• To be used pure or diluted to 1/10.
• Dermatology: use pure Cyteal for cleansing followed by rinsing, or diluted to 1/10.
• Gynecology: use pure Cyteal followed by rinsing, or diluted to 1/10 as a vaginal douche.
• Surgery: Cyteal is used diluted to 1/1.

Dosage Form:



500 mL


Stores at room temperature.

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