Fillerina BB Cream Skin Tone Balancer 40ml Medium Beige 3

Medium Coverage BB cream helps to cover blemishes and lift the skin, giving it a healthy-looking.

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Fillerina BB Cream Skin Tone Balancer Medium Beige 3- 40 ml

Fillerina BB Cream gives you perfect coverage and unifies your skin tone, making your skin look flawless and healthy.
It moisturizes your skin and decreases the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
Fillerina BB Cream protects your skin against the harmful effect of the Sun as it contains SPF 20.
Shade: Medium Beige 3

Active ingredients:
hyaluronic acid.


- Cover skin blemishes.
- Easy to blend.
- Protects cells against sun damage.
- Provides an anti-aging action.;
How to use Fillerina BB Cream:
- Apply on clean skin then blend with a brush or beauty blender.

- Size: 40 ml
- Made in Italy