Filorga NCEF Reverse 50 ML

Supreme Multi-Correction Cream
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NCEF-REVERSE, a concentrated NCEF multi-correcting anti-ageing face cream with a boosted youth-enhancing effect and renewed skin quality.

Discover a polyrevitalising anti-ageing face cream inspired by meso-injections.

Intensive skin quality renewal [active regeneration]

A formula with NCEF, a unique polyrevitalising complex developed by Laboratoires FILORGA with 50 ingredients combined for the first time in quantities comparable to those used in meso-injections (1).


Ultra-active correction [wrinkles – firmness – radiance]

Active-ingredients known for fighting against ageing [hyaluronic acid + collagen + vitamins A, H and E] combined with effective boosters that simultaneously act on smoothing wrinkles, skin slackening and skin tone evenness.

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