Flora Vision Red Eyes 15ml for eye redness

Used to lubricate and relieve red and tired eyes.



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Flora Vision Red Eyes 15 ml

Flora Vision is a refreshing, revitalizing and lubricating ophthalmic solution containing Hyaluronic acid (Sodium Hyaluronate) with a unique combination of three natural plant extracts: Chamomile, Euphrasia and Curcuma. It helps relieve the condition of red and tired eye associated with conjunctivitis-like symptoms such as itching, burning and irritation caused by exposure to sunlight, wind and pollution.
Euphrasia creates a protective film over the surface of the eye while Chamomile moisturizes and calms the eye. Their association with Curcuma helps protect the eye from oxidative stress and together they help alleviate symptoms related to conjunctivitis such as red and tired eyes.

• Relieves red and tired eyes.
• Relieves itching, burning and irritation.
• Moisturises the eyes.
• Antioxidant effect.

How to use:
Instill 1 - 2 drops in each eye.

All Active Ingredients:
Hyaluronic acid (Sodium Hyaluronate) , Chamomile , Euphrasia , Curcuma ,

Points of interest:
• Compatible with all types of contact lenses.
• Wash, rinse and dry your hands thoroughly before use.
• Do not use in case of specific hypersensitivity towards any of the constituents.
• In some cases, slight sensitivity may cause a brief stinging or irritation upon instillation that disappears after blinking.
• After the bottle has been opened, the solution must be used within 90 days.
• Store at room tempreture a way from a direct source of light.

room temperature.

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