Johnson's Micellar Refreshing Wipes 25'S

Wipes for normal skin help to clean and purify skin without stripping its natural moisture.



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Johnson's Micellar Refreshing Wipes 25'S

Johnson's Micellar Wipes are gentle and soft wipes that are specially designed for normal skin.
These wipes help clean the skin and remove makeup even waterproof without leaving any traces.
Johnson's Micellar Wipes help cleanses skin while maintaining its moisture, leaving it silky smooth.
Benefits of Johnson's Micellar Moisturizing Wipes:
- Deeply cleanse the skin.
- Remove waterproof makeup.
- Protect skin from drying out.
- Boost skin smoothness.
- Soothe the skin.;
How to use Micellar Refreshing Wipes:
- Use Johnson's Extra Sensitive Wipe to clean your face.
- Size: 25 wipes
- Made in UK