Martiderm Skin Complex 10 Amp*2ml for rejuvenating skin

anti-ageing serum which has intense anti-wrinkle and antioxidant actions



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Martiderm Skin Complex 10 Amp*2Ml

A rejuvenating concentrate which hydrates, nourishes, and restores the skin.
These ampoules revive dull skin with radiance all the while replenishing dehydrated skin.
Featuring repairing and rejuvenating ingredients, the formula grants visible results.
The formula is incredibly concentrated and significantly contributes to recovering collagen, reducing the depth of wrinkles, and improving firmness.
As a result, the skin looks youthful-looking and radiant all the while feeling soft.

It contains:
• Proteoglycans protects the skin against oxidative stress all the while deeply hydrating the skin.
• Vitamins C, B5, and E coupled with liposomal A, omega-6 and omega-3, and chicory root extract provide the skin with antioxidants, hydrating and anti-aging properties.

• Nourishes and restores the skin with comfort.
• Hydration and radiance at the same time.
• Illuminates and rejuvenates the skin.
• Improves firmness and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles.
• Recovers collagen and visibly revitalizes the skin.

How to use:
- To begin with, cleanse and tone the skin.
- The following step is to shake the ampoule and open it, following the instructions on the box.
- Then, apply half of the ampoule to the face, neck, and neckline and massage it gently to improve absorption.
- Lastly, apply your favorite facial moisturizer and/or sunscreen.

Active ingredients:
Proteoglycans, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, omega-3,6.

Points of interest:
• Suitable for normal to dry skin types.

2 ml × 10 ampoules.

How to store:
Stores at room temperature.

Free parabens.

Rapid absorption, lightweight serum.

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