Murine Advanced Dry Eye Relief Eye Drops 10 ml

Murine Advanced Dry Eye Relief clinically proven for lasting relief and optimal protection from all dry eye problems

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Murine Advanced Dry Eye Relief Eye Drops 10 ml 

• Murine Advanced Dry Eye drops are a solution that provides relief for dry eyes.
• The active ingredient in these eye drops is sodium hyaluronate, which is a lubricant that helps to restore lost moisture in the eyes, which restores comfort and reduces irritation.

Active ingredients:

Protective lubricants (0.15% Sodium hyaluronate), Hypotonic balancing salts (Sodium chloride), Ph Buffer (Boric acid and borax), Purified water


• Murine Advanced eye drops are preservative and phosphate-free eye drops for relief & protection of dry eyes.
• Murine Advanced eye drops give Immediate and long-lasting relief and protection of dry, irritated, itchy, or strained eyes.
• Clinically proven formulation with advanced active ingredient for immediate, long-lasting relief & protection of dry and irritated eyes.
• Advanced treatment for dry eyes caused by overuse of computers, screens, and mobile devices as well as cold weather, wind, dust, pollution, heating, or air conditioning.

How To Use:

• Gently squeeze one or two drops of Murine Advanced eye drops into each eye as needed.
• Be careful not to touch the eye dropper tip to the surface of the eye to avoid contamination or transmission.
• If you have to apply additional treatments to the eye, an application interval of at least 15 minutes should be left between the two treatments.

Points Of Interest:

• Stop using Murine Advanced Eye Drops and seek medical advice if you experience eye pain, persistent changes in vision, or continued redness of the eyes.
• Sometimes the liquid gel causes temporary blurred vision: if so do not drive or operate machinery until you can see clearly.
• Do not use it if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients.
• Murine Advanced Eye Drops are preservative & phosphate-free.


10 ml.

How to store:
 At room temperature.

Made in:

United Kingdom.