Nee Microblading Brow Brunette N22

An eyebrow pen that helps you to create a microblade effect.



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Nee Microblading Brow Brunette N22

- Nee microblading pen helps you to fill in the gaps in a few seconds to get micro bladed Effect at your home without pain.
It contains a long- lasting formula that lasts for up to 16 hours.
Nee micro blading formula contains a moisturizing complex that protects your eyebrows.
Shade: Brunette N22
How to use Nee Microblading Brow:
1. Outline the brows to get a precise shape.
2. Fill in the eyebrows with the tip. Brush up and out to cover sparse areas.
3. Intensify and comb your brows with buildable colors until you get the look you want.