Noreva Epidiane Moistrizing cream 125 ml

A moisturizing foot cream that moisturizes feet and nails throughout the day and protects them from unpleasant odor.



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Noreva Epidiane 24h Moisturizing Cream 125 ml

Noreva Foot Care Cream gives you soft feet with a silky touch all day long.
Noreva Cream features a nutrient-rich formula with emollients that penetrate quickly to repair cracks.
The cream contains a set of natural moisturizers that restore skin moisture after it has been exposed to dryness and flaking.
The cream also protects against the growth of fungi that cause bad smells to the feet after prolonged wearing of socks or shoes.
Benefits of Noreva Cream:
- Moisturizes the feet and increases their softness.
- Prevents the appearance of bad smell of feet.
- Increases the elasticity of the skin of the feet.;
How to use Noreva cream:
- Apply the cream once a day on clean feet.
- Shay 125 ml
- made in France