Pharmaceris W Puri Albucin II Whitening Toner 200 ml

Toner Effectively cleanses the skin, removes any impurities and make-up residues It intensely moisturizes the skin



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Pharmaceris W Puri Albucin II Whitening Toner 200 ml

• The skin is exposed daily to harsh weather factors, so it needs a deep and gentle cleansing of the skin, and cleaning the facial skin is a necessary part of skincare.

• Pharmaceris provided unique toner for daily face cleansing, Especially cleanses the skin from impurities and make-up without making the skin dry.

• As well as it helps maintain the natural protective barrier of the epidermis, moisturizes, brightens the skin, and evens out the skin tone.

• Pharmaceris W Puri Albucin II Whitening Toner is composed potent blend of active ingredients: Acerola, D-panthenol, and Glucam.

• Acerola extract: an antioxidant that protects the skin from the detrimental effects of environmental aggressors. It strengthens blood vessels and boosts skin cell renewal.

• Glucam: maintains its optimum level in the epidermis for a long time. It smoothes out the skin and restores lost firmness and elasticity.

• D-panthenol has a soothing effect and makes the skin less prone to hypersensitivity reactions.

Active ingredients:

Acerola extract, Glucam, D-panthenol.


Pharmaceris W Puri Albucin II Whitening Toner:

• Cleanses the skin deeply.

• Removes impurities and makeup residue.

• Moisturizing skin deeply.

• Soothes skin.

How to use:

• Clean the face with Pharmaceris W whitening foam, apply the toner to a cotton pad and gently wipe the skin of the face.

Point of interest:

• For daily cleansing and care for face skin. It is appropriate for skin of all ages.

• High tolerance and efficacy.

• Dermatologically tested.

Made in:

200 ml.

Store at room temperature