Pharmaclinix Dermarollex 0.5 mm

A micro-needling device that helps to regenerate skin and stimulates collagen production, leaving the skin looking healthy and flawless.



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Pharmaclinix Dermarollex 0.5 mm

Pharmaclinix Dermarollex is an easy-to-use device that is used to improve hair and skin conditions.
It stimulates collagen production and microcirculation to improve skin problems.
Pharmaclinix Dermarollex helps the skin to absorb skin care products more effectively.
Pharmaclinix Dermarollex Benefits:
- Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
- Removes dark spots and pigmentations.
- Reduces scars.
- Firms the skin.
- Promotes hair growth.
- Reduces cellulite.
- Enhances skin elasticity.
- Minimizes pores.
- Helps to remove acne.;
How to use Pharmaclinix Dermarollex:
-Wash the derma roller with warm water. Soak the derma roller in 70% alcohol for 10 minutes.
- Use the derma roller on clean and dry skin.
- Roll the derma roller gently and slowly around five times evenly in each direction maximum of five times horizontally, 5 times vertically, and 5 times diagonally.

- Size: 0.5 mm
- Made in the UK