Prota Relax Hot Gel with Ginger Extract 100 ml

A relaxing heating relief gel for muscle and joint pain

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Prota Relax Hot Gel with Ginger Extract 100 ml For Joints Pain

Prota Relax Hot Gel is designed to relax joints and muscles and relieve associated pain.
Helps reduce and improve symptoms caused by joint and muscle strain or exercise.
The hot gel works by stimulating and improving the blood circulation of the patients, in addition to improving the flexibility of their bodies.
Prota Relax Hot Gel is formulated with ginger extract to help achieve better results and greater comfort.
Prota Relax Gel Benefits:
- Reduces muscle tension and stress.
- Relieves pain in joints and muscles.
- Enhances blood circulation flow.
- Provides a soothing, cooling and comfortable sensation.;
Active Ingredients:
- Ginger extract:
• Analgesic.
• Anti- inflammatory.
- Camphor oil:
• Analgesic.
• Anti- inflammatory.
- Menthol:
• Analgesic.
• Vasodilator.
How To Use Prota Relax Gel:
- Apply an adequate amount of Prota Relax Gel to the affected area and massage thoroughly twice daily.
- Size: 100 ml
- Made in Turkey