Septona Baby Safety Cotton Buds 50 Pcs

Are cotton buds that are used for the gentle and safe cleaning of babies delicate ears without causing damage or injury.



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Septona Baby Safety Cotton Buds 50 Pcs

Septona Baby Safety Cotton Buds are an essential hygiene product for parents looking for a gentle and safe way to clean their baby's delicate skin.
The buds are designed with a soft and flexible tip that prevents any damage or injury to the ear canal, ensuring that your baby is comfortable during the cleaning.
Septona Baby Safety Cotton Buds are made of high-quality 100% cotton and are microbiologically tested to avoid any irritation or allergic reactions.
The buds come in a practical and hygienic pack, making them easy to use and perfect for on-the-go cleaning.

• 100% cotton.
• Microbiologically tested.
• Pop-up lid Container.
Septona Baby Safety Cotton Buds Benefits:
• Provides gentle and effective cleaning of baby ears.
• Avoids damage injury to the ear canal.
• Prevents irritation to the delicate skin of babies.
• Offers a safe and reliable solution for parents without causing any harm or discomfort;
How To Use Septona Baby Safety Cotton Buds 50 Pcs:
• Gently clean the outer part of the ear using the tip of the Septona Baby Safety Cotton Bud while holding it.
• Avoid inserting the cotton bud into the ear canal.

Size: 50 pieces
• Made in EU

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