Septona Extra Resistant Plaster 8 Pcs

A extra resistant plaster designed to provide reliable protection for minor cuts, grazes, and other wounds.



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Septona Extra Resistant Plaster 8 Pcs

Septona Extra Resistant Plasters are made of elastic and breathable material that adapts to the skin's movements, ensuring maximum comfort and durability.
The plasters can be cut to fit wounds of different sizes and are extra resistant to stay in place for extended periods, providing long-lasting protection.
Septona Extra Resistant Plasters don't cause any irritation or pain to the wound thanks to its new adhesive technology that allows it to stick firmly well.
The plasters have a special gauze pad that doesn't stick to the wound.
Septona Extra Resistant Plaster Benefits:
• High-quality adhesive plaster for reliable protection of minor wounds.
• Provides maximum comfort and durability when applied to cuts.
• Long-lasting use for extended periods without falling off.
• Versatile and convenient for use at home, work, or during travel.
• Easy to apply and remove.;
How To Use Septona Extra Resistant Plaster 8 Pcs:
• Thoroughly cleanse and dry the injury.
• Place the Septona Extra Resistant Plaster on the wound and allow a few seconds for it to properly stick to the skin.
Size: 8 pieces
Made in: EU

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