Tena Bed Plus 60*60 40'S for personal care

Bed and chair protection for medium to heavy urine and liquid leakages



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Tena Bed Plus 60*60 40'S
TENA Bed plus is perfect bed protection with its absorbent core and waterproof back-sheet offers protection against urine loss during hygiene procedures.
TENA Bed plus is characterized by soft surface material and is gentle for all types of skin.
TENA Bed plus has been dermatologically tested for incontinence patients' daily care.
Sizes: 60*60 cm.

Benefits of TENA Bed plus:
• Gentle to the skin.
• Offers comfort for your loved one.

Quantity of TENA Bed plus:
40 Pieces.

How to store TENA Bed plus:
At room temperature.

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