Vichy Normaderm Double Correction Daily Care 50 mL

A solution for oily skin that helps to correct blemishes and provides the skin with optimal hydration.



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Vichy Normaderm Double Correction Daily Care 50 mL 

Vichy Normaderm Double Correction is designed to maintain oily skin health, keeping it hydrated and protected.
It helps to purify the skin, reduces the appearance of large pores, and provides essential hydration.
Vichy Normaderm Double Correction contains Salicylic Acid that has antibacterial properties and helps to control excess oil.
Salicylic Acid helps to exfoliate the skin gently to remove dead cells and removes impurities.
The formula also includes hyaluronic acid that helps to moisturize the skin deeply and protect the skin from drying out.
Vichy Normaderm Daily Care benefits:
- Deeply moisturizes the skin for 24 hours.
- Reduces the appearance of large pores in the skin.
- Reduces skin blemishes.
- Controls excess oils.;
Active Ingredients:
• Hyaluronic Acid:
- Deeply moisturizes skin cells.
- Smoothes skin texture.
• Ascorbyl Glucoside:
- Vitamin C derivative.
- Stimulates collagen production in the skin.
- Acts as an antioxidant.
• Salicylic Acid:
- Reduces skin inflammation.
- Gently exfoliates the skin.
- Renews skin cells.
How to use Vichy Normaderm Daily Care:
- Apply moisturizer to the skin in the morning and evening.
- Size: 50 ml.
- Made in France