ACM Depiwhite Advance Cream 40 ml

A skin-lightening cream that removes pigmentation and dark spots to unify skin tone.



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ACM Depiwhite Advance Cream 40 mL

ACM Depiwhite Advance Cream is used to reduce and fade pigmentation and dark spots that appear on the skin.
The cream contains a unique formula that is enriched with botanical extracts and substances that inhibit the production of melanin in the skin.
ACM Depiwhite cream contains fruit acids that gently exfoliate skin pigmentation, renew pigmented cells, and unify skin tone.
It also contains Niacinamide, which deeply moisturizes the skin and helps strengthen its natural moisture barrier.

Active Ingredients:
Arbutin, Luteolin, Parsley extract, AHA.
Benefits of Depiwhite Advance Cream:
- It is used to get rid of pigmentation on the skin.
- Evens skin tone and reduces blemishes.
- Contributes to increasing skin glow.
- Promotes skin hydration.;
How to use Depiwhite Advance Cream:
- Apply Depiwhite Cream once a day and gently massage your skin.
- Use the cream for 2-6 months to get good results.

- Size: 40 ml
- Made in France