ACM Depiwhite Mask 40 ml

A lightening mask that helps to unify skin tone and reduce dark spots and pigmentation.



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ACM Depiwhite Mask 40 mL

A whitening mask from ACM is an effective mask for obtaining an even complexion and achieving a uniform complexion.
Depiwhite mask works to lighten facial pigmentation and dark spots caused by inflammation or severe peeling of the skin.
ACM lightening mask contains kojic acid, which helps treat dark pigmentation by reducing melanin production
It also contains glycerin, which moisturizes the skin, softens its texture, and makes it more radiant.

Active Ingredients:
Kojic acid.
Benefits of a whitening skin mask:
- Used to get rid of pigmentation on the skin.
- Evens out skin tone and reduces blemishes.
- Enhances skin radiance and glow.
- Boosts skin hydration.;
How to use ACM Depiwhite Mask:
- Apply the mask for 30 minutes on your face until it dries completely, so that it can be easily peeled off as one piece.
- Repeat this two to three times a week for 2 to 6 months to get the desired result.

- Size: 40 ml.
- Made in France