Mavala Hand Cream 50 ml

Moisturizing cream from Mavala that rich in collagen and helps in smoothing your hand as well as rejuvenate skin



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Mavala Hand Cream 50 Ml

Moisturizing hand cream from Mavala is rich in collagen and allantoin and has the main role in keeping skin smooth and fresh as well as a potent moisturizer that protects skin from cracks. It is a light formula, that penetrates easily and quickly. Your suitable choice for fresh skin.

Active ingredients:
Allantoin , collagen 

keeps your skin fresh and soft.
Prevents cell cracks.
Softness dry skin.

How to use:
Use after each hand washing and every evening before sleep.

Point of interest:
Quick absorbing cream.
Not leaving a greasy feel.
Suitable for all skin types included dry skin.

Made in:
United Kingdom

50 mL

Store at room temperature