Avalon Salinose Baby Drops 20Ml

A nasal drop for babies and children that contains sodium chloride solution to relieve congestion and reduce nasal stickiness.


Avalon pharma

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Avalon Salinose Baby Drops 20 ml 

Avalon Salinose Nasal Drops are safe for use by children and infants.
The drops contain a saline solution (Sodium chloride) that reduces nasal congestion.
It reduces the hardness of the mucus, making it easier to remove using a nasal bulb syringe.
Avalon Salinose Nasal Drops moisturize the nose and give your child a pleasant and restful sleep.

Active Ingredient:
Sodium Chloride.


The Benefits of Salinose baby drops:
- Make breathing easier.
- Reduce nasal congestion.
- Make the nose cleaning process easier.
- Promote moisture in the nasal membranes.;
How to use Salinose baby drops:
- Use Salinose drops when needed.
- Put 2 to 6 drops in each nostril.

- Size: 20 ml
- Made in KSA